I am able to do commissions however there is limited availability for this. If you would like a commission please contact me and include details of what you would like, including any specifics around preferred design and the dimensions. Once this has been given I will be able to advise on whether this is something I will be able to do.

I will be doing commissions on a first come first serve basis, if I am currently working on a commission you will be added to a list. Once I have been able to assess the needed supplies I will then give an estimate quote (subject to change if there are any price changes from timber suppliers). When I have completed any commissions prior to your request I will make contact again to confirm you would still like it made and the cost. 

In regards to payments, I will require an upfront none refundable deposit that will cover the supplies needed (these charges will be broken down on an invoice). On completion a labour charge of £10 per hour will be required and any additional fees such as delivery charges on receiving the item.

If you would like a commission, please click here to find out ways to contact us! 

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Want to know more about collection and delivery? 

*Delivery and returns policies will not be affected other than the none refundable charge of supplies*