Additional services

Additional services

Dimensions made to order

If you have seen an item I have available however would like it made in different dimensions this is an option. 

Please note that this will include a small charge for time and work on top of item price. 

If you would like the item larger than is available an additional charge to cover costs of the timber required to make the item at that specific size is also added. I am happy to supply proof of costs if needs be. However this may take additional time as will need to go to a supplier and get a quote myself before being able to advise you on what this charge will be. 

If you would like an item made smaller this may be possible to do to the original listed item, in this instance no extra charge for timber will be added, where this is not possible the costs of timber will be applied.

Wood dyes/finishes/paint

Majority of items will be left as bare wood where possible to allow you to have it bare or finish it yourself. However options are available at extra charges if you would like this already done on your product.

Wood dyes

Wood dyes can be added to your product for an extra charge. Wood dye allows different tones and can bring the grain out. This is a nice option if wanting to keep in style with other wooden furniture. My choice of brand for this is Colron. If you would like to choose this option:

  • Specify what colour you would like either by looking up what dyes Colron has available. Their range can also be viewed here
  • Charges will range from £5 to £10 depending on size. 

Wood finishes

  • A wax finish can be done. This is a basic finish helps protect the wood and give it a slight natural looking sheen. Wax also penetrates the wood to create better protection and long lasting quality. You can also improve this with additional buffing or using a wax polish to keep it looking in top shape. Please note that wax is not waterproof and may need reapplication in the future. (Interior only) 

  • A varnish can also be applied. Varnish gives a more “plastic” looking finish to wax. Unlike wax, varnish coats the wood in a protective layer rather than soaking into the wood. If you would like this option please specify whether you would like a matte/sheen or gloss varnish applied. (Interior only)

  • Finishes will range from an additional £10-£30 depending on size. Please message with the item for a specified price. 


Painting the item is available. This is particularly important for any items kept outdoors as certain paints (such as fence paint) can offer weather protection. If you would like your item painted: 

  • Please research what paint you would like used on it and send a link to the product (please take into account how many litres whilst also considering the size of the item and whether multiple applications will be needed).  
  • You will be charged for the cost of the paint plus an additional £2-£10 for the job depending on the size of the item.